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Benada supplies extrusions for Florida window manufacturer

This article was posted August 15, 2016 in Customers

The Osprey Observer recently profiled New South Window Solutions, a Florida window manufacturer that uses Benada extrusions in its products.

In the article, writer Michelle Caceres talks to owners Dan and Deb Ochstein and Earl and Amy Rahn about why they started the business:

“We came here to bring energy-efficient windows to the state,” said company President Earl. “Single pane aluminum windows ,which used to be so popular here in home construction, no longer meet current energy codes.”

In addition to dramatically cutting down on outside noise, New South Window Solutions’ windows save money on energy bills year round, add value to homes, extend the life of air conditioning and heating units, add curb appeal, improve security and protect carpet and furniture from fading due to UV damage.

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  1. Marcy, July 24, 2019:

    Do you replace cranks? We have a 30 year warranty on our window but need new cranks. Any help is appreciated !

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