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What the Aluminum Extruders Council has to say about trade

This article was posted October 30, 2016 in Aluminum Extruders Council News Release

The Aluminum Extruders Council recently published an article called “All Aboard! Here we Go!”. It begins:

Earlier this summer I suggested we were sitting in the eye of a storm.  With many decisions regarding our trade case on the horizon, we were busily preparing for the industry changing issues we were hurtling to confront.  Now, here we are.

Over the next few months, the AEC will be involved in topics ranging from circumvention of our orders by substituting 6xxx series alloy extrusions with a so-called 5xxx series alloy, to China’s attempt to be recognized as a market economy thus attaining full status at the World Trade Organization.  The good news is that we are ready, and confidence is high.


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